Imagery Taken
to New Heights

Aerial Marketing - Photography - Videography

Jolin Media utilizes drones
for Aerial Videography and Photography.

Media Productions

Aerial imaging is an excellent way to market yourself in today's world. Our skilled pilots can fly your next event, corporate shoot, or marketing video to help you stand out from your competition. 


Are you looking to gather high quality footage that will allow your team the information needed to work a claim? With aerial imaging services from Jolin Media, we have you covered. 


Jolin Media can provide for all of your scouting needs - whether for simple aerial photography or videography, agriculture mapping, or drone-based inspections. 

Real Estate

By capturing a property's unique qualities from a "30,000 foot view", landowners and real estate agents are able to showcase the value and characteristics of a property. 


Companies are able to gather data and imagery like never before with drones in the construction agency. Drones can show off the property and provide accurate mapping or measurements that can help keep a project on time. 

Emergency Services

With the use of drones, our pilots allow us the ability to help anyone in need of emergency services. Whether a missing person or animial, we will be there with our drones to assist in any way possible. 

National Night Out - 2022

Drone footage can really make a statement when using it in your next video! Here is a highlight of "National Night Out" - 2022 using drone footage along the beautiful riverfront of Burlington, Iowa.

Our process is quite simple.

1.) Set up a Date & Time

Call or send us an email and our team will set up a schedule that works for you!

2.) We Shoot & Gather Data

Once we gather the details for the job, we will head to your location and capture the data.

3.) You Download the Assets!

Once the job is finished our team will send you an email with a link so that you can download the assets!

Here are a few of the clients we have worked with.

Let's develop a plan that gets you results.

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